As a British Cycling Level 2 coach (MTB), we can coach genral cycling skills and specific mountain bike skills.

We can put together bespoke training covering the below skills or we can also include some coaching into a Guiding day.

Body Position (Fundamental to all cycling skills)

Braking(the better you can do it the faster you can go)

Cornering( good cornering is a major upgrade to your riding)

Trackstands /slow balance ( the key skill to tackle that tec decent/climb )

powered front wheel lift( great for climbing up obstacles when you don’t have enough momentum )

rear wheel lift (being able to un-weight the back wheel )

Manual front wheel lift( a core skill for drops /bunny hops/step over)

Step over( used to get over and up obstacles on the trail)

Drops using weight shift

Drops using powered lift(wheelie drops)

Bunny Hops American/English